AYURVEDA One of the world's oldest holistic healing systems 

Ayurveda teaches that good health is created by the balance between our environment, mind, body and spirit. 
Since its original development over 3000 years ago by the sages of India, Ayurveda seeks to place the mind, body and spirit in a balanced relationship with its environment. Allowing the body to heal itself and stay optimal. Ayur meaning life and Veda meaning science or knowledge, Ayurveda is a science of life.  
Ayurveda includes advice on exercise, diet, hygiene and health routines as well as utilising the healing properties Ayurvedic herbs. Herbs and plant extracts are used in many of our Ayurvedic massage treatments.  
Ayurveda's Core Principles 
There are a small number of basics which are routinely followed by Ayurveda's many followers: 
The ultimate goal is achieving balance across mind, body & spirit, to be in harmony with the environment. To feel vibrant and well. 
There first line of defense is prevention, look for the difficulty or irritant and where possible remove it or minimise. An allergy to wheat is a common example. Once removed the body or situation it able to start healing. 
There are three core constitutions which govern the mind-body energy of each individual. These are called Vata, Pitta and Kapha doshas. Each energy type will have different treatment plan and will be adapted to match your unique situation, to maximise effectiveness.  
You can visit each dosha description to find out more or discover your unique dosha by completing our short free quiz
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Lovely spa, fantastic friendly staff, great range of treatments. The atmosphere is lovely and calming. They offer lots of different treatments for mind, body and soul. My massage from Amita was amazing, she got rid of knots from deep inside my back, fantastic! I will continue to come here without a doubt! 
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