AYURVEDIC MASSAGE Bringing balance to Mind, Body and Spirit 

Our special Ayurvedic massages aim to restore the delicate balance between the mind, body, and spirit. 
Signature Udvartana Massage- Scrub Massage 
£40.00 (40 mins) £50.00 (60 mins) 
A specially blended ayurvedic powder scrub is prepared, applied and massaged into each area of the body with the removal via mits. It is an excellent exfoliant and fantastic prior to a holiday as it prolongs a deeper tan. This treatment increases circulation, oxygen to muscles and increases lymphatic drainage.  
Abhyanga- Full Body Massage  
£49.00 (60 mins) £59.00 (90 mins)  
This full body massage restores balance to the body through massage techniques, working on marma points and opening up energy channels that are believed to be in ‘imbalance’. We establish our clients dosha type before selecting specialised oils suited to that body type. This treatment is very effective for stress, tight muscles, rheumatism and insomnia. 
Peetha Abhyanga- Back Massage 
£25.00 (30 mins)  
A very effective and deeply enriching oil massage focusing solely on the back. It relieves muscle stress, increases lymphatic drainage removing toxins and increasing oxygen supply to hard to reach muscle groups. 
Pada Abhyanga- Lower Leg & Feet Massage 
£30.00 (30 mins)  
A soothing yet stimulating massage of the feet, ankles and legs. Relieving cramps, sciatica and fatigue, soothing the muscles and ligaments around the feet and legs. In addition, massaging the foot’s various pressure points harmonises the entire system through stimulating the bodies nerve endings that terminate at the foot. Excellent for fluid retention. 
Shiro Abhyanga- Ayurvedic Indian Head Massage 
£35.00 (45 mins) 
This incredible hair and scalp treatment is performed with scented herbal oil to nourish the hair and relax the mind. By working to release tension through the marma (energy) points in the head, neck and shoulders this massage soothes the whole body. 
For a longer Indian head massage which also includes the feet please click the link to our Signature Indian Head Massage
Shirodhara- Third Eye Drip 
£55.00 (60 mins) 
Sira means head and dhara means the flow of liquid. Warm, beautiful herbal oil is dripped onto the third eye and then a full Indian head massage is performed to ease the stress that accumulates in the scalp. A facial massage treatment is also included to de-stress the mind, body and spirit. 
Pinda Sweda- Herbal Powder Bolus Massage 
£50.00 (60 mins)  
Small linen bags filled with therapeutic herbs are placed into hot medicated oil and applied to the problem areas on the body. Excellent for any sports injuries, muscular tension, frozen shoulder, etc. It is a combination of the herbs, herbal hot oil and massage that brings warm relief to tight, sore muscles.  
Soundaryam Vardini- Holistic Facial 
£28.00 (30 mins) £48.00 (60 mins) £63.00 (60 mins) inc. back massage  
This exclusive facial ritual includes a rejuvenating cleanse, deep exfoliation, soothing mask, neck & shoulder massage, foot reflexology and finishes with beautifully relaxing Indian head massage. Want even more? Why not add a back massage to this exquisite facial for a truly pampered experience. 
Ayurvedic Facial & Abhyanga Full Body Massage 
£75.00 (90 mins) 
The perfect treatment when you can't decide between a facial or full body massage, have both! This treatment starts with a 60 minute massage then moves onto a 30 minute facial utilising the properties of balanced Ayurvedic ingredients to maximise your soothing experience.  
Ayurvedic Massage & Simply Steam 
£65.00 (90 mins) 
Our wonderful, restorative Ayurvedic massage with the addition of your own personal steamy sauna experience. Utilising the effects of our Steamy Wonder Spa, your body is massaged, soothed and then deeply relaxed through the gentle calming heat of your personal steam session.  
What's your Dosha? 
Our Ayurvedic treatments follow the principles of Ayurveda, initially assessing your mind-body type (your dosha) through a short questionnaire we are then able to tailor your massage aiming to restore your dynamic state of balance and help you to feel fantastic. To discover your dosha please click here
If you need any further information, please contact us on 0161 292 1320  
or via our contact us page. 
By far the best massage I have ever had, lovely surroundings made me feel very comfortable and relaxed, I will definitely be returning! Thanks so much! 
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