NEIL EDWARDS Hypnotherapy 

Hypnotherapy, the solution that can bring you such freedom! 
"Realising the changes you want to make are now for you. Hypnosis can help you to make positive changes giving you the freedom to live the life you want to lead". 
Hypnosis is a trance like state similar to daydreaming, or getting lost in time when your reading a good book or watching a great TV show, where the most powerful subconscious can make the changes you really need. 
So what can you help me with? 
Hypnotherapy helps you to realise your goals, something that Neil has personal experience with.  
"My passion as a musician was limited by incredible stage fright. My fear was entirely lifted by changing my thoughts around that fear and I'm now able to take real joy from regularly performing across the north west?" 
"My desire for helping others with hypnotherapy comes from my experiences as a nurse of over 40 years and seeing the effects of our thoughts relating to pain management and successful rehabilitation. Our positive changes are amazing when we realise how much we are capable of". 
What problems can hypnotherapy bring solutions to?  
Hypnotherapy has the opportunity to support you making positive changes to a wide range of issues in your life. From his personal and professional successes, Neil specialises in helping you with: 
Alcohol Addiction / Alcohol Reduction 
Pain Management 
Sports Performance 
Stage Fright 
So what happens in a hypnotherapy session? 
Each session is specific to the needs of each client. Initially you'll have a chat with Neil via phone or Skype to discuss what you want to achieve and get answers to any questions you may have. 
During you appointment at Reborn Neil will: 
lead you into the right level of trance for your personal goals or changes 
give the hypnotherapy that can lead to such freedoms 
bring you gently back out of your trance. 
Hypnotherapy Treatments 
£90 (up to 60 mins) 
Appointments with Neil can be booked here or by ringing Reborn Holistics on 0161 292 1320. After you make your appointment Neil will give you a call to discuss your goals and answer any questions you may have. 
Hypnotherapy can help with so many of our limiting thoughts and bad habits, the options really are endless. Neil also offers Hypnotherapy sessions in the areas listed below. Contact us here to find out more or discuss with Neil any other problems that may not appear here. 
Anxiety / Depression 
Confidence Boost 
Drug Addiction 
Fears and Phobias 
Pain Management 
Past Life Regression - includes recording of event 
Sales Excellence / Job Interview 
Weight Control 
Click on the menu links to explore your options more or jump straight in to booking or contact us on 0161 292 1320 
I met Neil and was in real pain with my shoulder. I had been started on a very strong pain killer but Neil took away the pain using hypnotherapy and within minutes it had gone. I have told my friends and recommend him to everybody. Mrs Debbie Corbett. Stockport. 
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